Krista Sugden

Meet Krista Sugden, Media Sales Executive at Southern Cross Austereo. Krista is currently located in the Wollongong office through the company’s affiliation with Channel 9, focusing on Illawarra and South Coast region. Southern Cross Austereo overall has 84 markets delivering either television and/or radio, making it the largest entertainment company in the country.

Since starting in the role in 2016, Krista has been recognised as one of the top 10 Media Sales Executives across the country, with her team consistently holding the top position of regional markets within Southern Cross Austereo. She credits the team’s success to their fulfilment working for a company who lives by strong values and emphasis on culture within the business, making it a great place to work and a great team to be a part of.

Today, the main thing that surprises people about Krista’s role is the affordability of buying into TV advertising. Krista explains that if you consider their cost and audience reach, TV advertising is one of the most cost effective advertising mediums available.

Krista enjoys working and living in Wollongong as it allows her to have good work and life balance without any lengthy commutes to metropolitan areas. You can find her soaking up the atmosphere and meeting new people at the Sunset Social events held at the Innovation Campus.

“It’s a great way to interact with other businesses, you won’t find many other work environments that offer such a great networking opportunity.”

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