We’ve come a long way, but there’s still so much more ahead of us


New sustainable buildings and ambitions for a healthier future for on the horizon.

Our Ambitions

In almost two decades, Innovation Campus has become a driver and focal point of economic growth, and a dynamic melting pot for the brightest of ideas and visionaries. We’ve created and nurtured an endlessly connected community where businesses and research thrive, working in tandem and parallel to deliver real and lasting impact. We’ve come a long way, but there’s still so much more ahead of us.


Innovation Campus is shaped on a clear and deliberate vision set out in the UOW Campus Master Plan, developed through extensive consultation and collaboration across all levels of government, industry and community. 

It is a strategic map of what we’re aiming to achieve and how we’ll achieve it – from the buildings and external landscape to how we support innovation, movement, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and a sense of place. It’s our pathway to continuing to grow the potential and impact of our integrated innovation and research community alongside businesses who share our passion for a bold tomorrow, supported by facilities and networks that enable them to thrive.

As we continue to evolve, we enact our masterplan in a way that drives our research, teaching and community agenda and fosters deep engagement with business and industry, helping them to achieve their goals too.

The Next Step

The Health & Wellbeing Precinct is the next exciting stage in supporting greater community engagement and engendering real and lasting human benefit. On the southern end of Innovation Campus, it will set a new benchmark in the delivery of care, research and learning in the healthcare sector – not just in the Illawarra, but across the globe. The precinct’s first stage will feature Australia’s first primary and community health clinic to offer integrated, patient-centred preventative healthcare. It will also be home to independent and supported retirement living and aged care facilities to better meet the challenges of our ageing population.


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