Grow, Innovate, Evolve

Commercial Partnership

Connecting with the right opportunities at the right time can give your business the tools to expand.

Innovation Campus offers great opportunities for corporate partners to take advantage of our impressive resources and contribute to solving the complex challenges of the fast-changing world. By engaging with our tenants, you can build valuable business networks, access our top-notch researchers, connect with a talented pool of students and experienced professionals, and benefit from regionalisation in our strategic and stunning location.

Enviable Location, Ultimate Liveability

Nestled between the escarpment and the ocean on 33 hectares of beachside property, we’re right at the heart of everything Wollongong has to offer: stunning beaches and nature, affordable housing and land, a vibrant dining and entertainment scene, and quality public transport, health and education infrastructure. So close to Sydney, but it feels like a world away.

80km from Sydney CBD and 50min South from Sydney International Airport

35-40 percent cheaper on average house and unit prices than Sydney

17+ beautiful patrolled beaches and a thriving hub of retail, restaurants and bars.

Exceptional Talent Pool

The ability to attract and retain talented employees can provide a significant advantage to your business. By connecting with Innovation Campus, you can tap into the University of Wollongong’s vast network of over 22,000 students and 134,000 alumni. These individuals are some of the best and brightest minds that can help drive your business forward into the future. The university offers a wide range of structured or customized training programs that can provide your workforce with easy access to ongoing development opportunities.

Furthermore, with around 20,000 highly skilled and experienced residents of Wollongong commuting daily to Sydney, the region has a pool of talented potential employees waiting for the opportunity to find fulfilling careers closer to their homes. Additionally, the region boasts high staff retention rates and lower average salary costs than capital cities, which can significantly reduce the investment required to attract, retain, and train new employees.

23,000+ highly skilled workers commuting to Sydney

3,000+ new UOW graduates every year

83,000+ jobs in Wollongong

Regional Benefits

96% staff retention rate (compared to Sydney 75%)

20% lower rents than comparable office spaces in Sydney

We’re proud to count some of Australia’s leading companies and most innovative young startups among our tenants, growing and thriving as part of a vibrant entrepreneurial and research ecosystem. While no two of these businesses are the same, each can attest to the infinite rewards of a commercial partnership that places Innovation Campus as their business base.

The benefits are diverse and many, from access to a skilled workforce to reduced operational costs, deep connection to a world-leading research university, and a regional location that offers significant cost savings and liveability just one hour’s drive from Sydney airport. Some businesses may also be eligible for government incentives and business grants.

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