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Meet Martin Braithwaite, the General Manager for National Operations at NEC Australia. Martin has been with NEC since 2012 when they acquired CSG, an IT company he had started with in 2004. In his current role, Martin is responsible for the management of 600 IT support staff located around Australia. His previous experience has made him well equipped for this role, having previously worked in Sweden for 13 years in the IT industry.

NEC has been delivering world class technology solutions and services across the world for more than a century. Since beginning in Australia over 50 years ago, NEC is now considered an innovator in the realm of technology. NEC’s Australian operations consist of approximately 1,600 staff that supports its customers from every state and territory in Australia. NEC’s major Australian headquarters are in Melbourne, Adelaide and Wollongong.

As Martin explains the company’s vision is “orchestrating a brighter world”, and NEC is developing the technologies to achieve this, with a safer cities initiative that includes biometric security and law enforcement systems, traffic monitoring and control and boarder security.
NEC is able to stay ahead of the ever evolving IT landscape, due to the size and reach of the company allowing for a great deal of idea sharing and a large partner community where staff members are kept up to date on the latest technologies and breakthroughs.

Martin and his team are members of the NEC’s APAC region Managed Service Community where they regularly share information and ideas with colleagues in the Asia region. They recently collaborated on a proof of concept exercise around robotic digital technology and are further discussing other digital AI technologies that will be game changers in the industry.
Martin is excited about the developments currently happening in the IT world and sees innovation as the driving force behind such developments. Martin believes that being based at the Innovation Campus and immersed in its community of like-minded individuals and corporations has assisted NEC in keeping its innovative focus.

“I have had the pleasure of introducing the Campus to many visiting NEC executive, including the President of the NEC Corporation, Takashi Niino, in 2018. They have all been impressed with the vibrant atmosphere that the Campus displays and the connection with a world class University.”

As an avid sea kayaker and mountain biker, when Martin isn’t in the office he is pursuing these activities in Wollongong and the surrounding region. “Last year while kayaking off Wollongong harbour a whale and her calf past close by me, you can’t get that type of experience in many other places around the world.”

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