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Health and Wellbeing

The challenges in human health are complex and global.

Australasian Health Outcomes Consortium (AHOC)

The Australasian Health Outcomes Consortium generates robust evidence through rigorous research and benchmarking that informs and supports better management of health and community services across Australia. 

Leading the healthcare transformation

The Innovation Campus’ $500-million Health and Wellbeing Precinct will revolutionise the integration of research, clinical practice and patient-led care and deliver sustained benefit to the Illawarra. UOW Commercial Development Director, […]

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Health Partners

AHOC unites a comprehensive group of health partners, working individually and in tandem to deliver better approaches and unique health products. We work collaboratively with government agencies including NSW Health and a range of leading health and allied health organisations. We also work with inspiring health initiatives through partnering with iAccelerate residents, Apple’s Health app for iOS and more.

AHOC is made up of four world-leading research centres:

Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC)

The national rehabilitation medicine clinical registry of Australia and New Zealand, driving quality and outcome improvements in rehabilitation across the public and private sectors.

Electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration (ePPOC)

National benchmarking of care and treatment for individuals experiencing chronic pain throughout Australia and New Zealand, leading to improved services and outcomes.

Palliative aged care outcomes program (PACOP)

The Palliative Aged Care Outcomes Program is dedicated to significantly improving the outcomes of all Australians in aged care homes with a particular focus on those who are approaching the end of their life. 

Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration (PCOC)

A collaborative national palliative care project delivering evidence-based improvement in patient, family and carer outcomes.

An Exceptional Home For Health

At the University of Wollongong, we’re driven to meet the toughest challenges in human health in our region and beyond, from the global antimicrobial resistance crisis to technologies and care modalities to enhance quality of life. 

At Innovation Campus, improving health outcomes through research and development is a primary focus, from the inspiring and impactful work taking place in AHOC to the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre’s research to improve human comfort, health and wellbeing through better building design.

Our campus will soon become home to the Health and Wellbeing Precinct – the heart of our Health and Wellbeing Strategy and a key driver in translating our research excellence into transformative outcomes in human health. The precinct will incorporate a unique clinician-led ‘one-stop diagnostic shop’ where health practitioners and researchers will work side-by-side to deliver innovative research and patient-centred care.

200 years of Benevolent Society

The Benevolent Society set itself apart from other charitable organisations from the outset, when the organisation formed to provide support not just to those in need, but to society’s disenfranchised […]

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