Internationally recognised, award winning community


We want to provide the most conducive environment for collaboration and connection that is unprecedented in the world.

More Than A Business Park

We are an internationally recognised, award winning community connected with one of the world’s best modern universities, where research and industry pushes the envelope to create tangible global impact. Nestled between the breathtaking Illawarra escarpment and the Pacific Ocean in North Wollongong, the Campus is a place where innovative organisations can work alongside leading research institutes: where collaborations that shape tomorrow take flight.

Purpose in Action Issue 3

With the return of Purpose in Action, this third issue continues to celebrate the success and achievements of researchers, businesses and individuals who make up the Innovation Campus community. This issue addresses our community’s sustainability, innovation goals and accomplishments that deliver ongoing benefits to the Illawarra.

Purpose in Action Issue 2

Since the masterplan was approved in 2003 and the first sod turned in 2006, we have and will continue to develop buildings that are designed to help participants create networks and interact. There is no boundary between academia and industry; we want to provide the most conducive environment for collaboration and connection that is unprecedented in the world. 

We harness our regional benefits and capabilities to promote interdisciplinary research in maritime security, health and sustainable building practices among other fields of research, and we promote business and industry locally and internationally, with unique business incubators and entrepreneurial programs.


Our campus is greater than the sum of our facilities.  The 33 hectare greenfield site houses a range of business, governmental entities and research bodies which we like to call the ‘ideas network’ – a community of researchers, teachers, learners and doers, dedicated to supporting and accelerating achievement by delivering robust academic and industry output. We believe in supporting organisations, individuals and our region to realise their purpose and ambitions faster by connecting to an ideas network dedicated to global impacts.