at the forefront of an ever-changing world


The Innovation Campus is a place of knowledge that brings significant economic and social benefits to Wollongong and enhances the region’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

The Innovation Campus has helped to advance research in “intelligent” innovative materials with the potential to regenerate damaged human nerves, the development of superconductors that make energy transmission more efficient, new techniques for sustainable building design, maritime law and security, and innovative approaches to health services delivery and policy.


Realise your business ambitions faster and help solve the challenges facing the world today by connecting with the Innovation Campus.

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We must live within the means of our natural resources, and use them more efficiently and responsibly to generate societal wellbeing alongside operational profits.

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Our oceans make up almost three quarters of the Earth’s surface, impacting everything from our climate, economy, transport and lifestyle to our food and national security.

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New materials and their novel applications are creating exponential opportunities across industry and society, helping us meet some of our most complex challenges.

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Health & Wellbeing

The challenges in human health are complex and global.

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