Sustainable Development Goals at iAccelerate

iAccelerate is strengthening its commitment to achieving a more sustainable future for all by following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These universal goals include poverty, climate degradation, climate, prosperity, justice, peace, and inequality. The United Nations aims to accomplish these goals by the year 2030 in the hope that a better and more sustainable future comes to fruition.

At iAccelerate, Startup businesses have a unique platform where they can build new processes, products, and services in order to solve our world’s complex problems. iAccelerate’s entry program has been changed to include the United Nations SDGs,  as they intend to make themselves accountable for sustainability and to continuously define their goals to the wider community.

As of this 2020, every iAccelerate resident startup has to have its Sustainable Development Goals scorecard and evaluation as a part of their professional “pitch” pack.

To learn more about iAccelerate and their SDG’s head to their website here

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