Collectively, people are turning to the digital world now more than ever for utility, leisure, community, connection, and work-related reasons, which is in turn resulting in a significant increase in the consumption of digital media. To keep pace many businesses are in the midst of transitioning the way in which they communicate and connect with their audiences.


To start to make sense of the current landscape, we have connected with ZOOLOGIC, which operates out of the Enterprise 1 building, to share their observations with regards to current business trends and opportunities:


  • Can you tell us a little about your business?

ZOOLOGIC is a digital agency that helps businesses achieve efficient yet effective digital marketing performance. We offer strategic creative and production coupled with powerful digital media buying. We’re a team that has world-class marketing, branding, media trading, creative production, and computer science experience who all focus solely on pushing digital media performance further.

  • What have you been observing in the digital media landscape?

Digital media consumption is exploding. We have seen a significant increase in the amount of media being consumed. Using the US as a frame of reference given the rich data available we have seen an overall rise of 23% in available impressions (i.e. ad spots) in March, driven primarily by a 46% rise in news impressions, which has in turn led to a price decrease of around 5%, as digital media is auction-based and therefore is bought on available supply versus demand. In the audio space we have seen both digital audio and podcasting numbers grow which isn’t surprising given the population is for the most part remaining at home.

The reality is, people are now relying on digital for everything they do. Working from home, studying from home, consuming media from home. It’s clear that for businesses their audience is now at home and using a mobile or desktop device to consume their information. Digital communications present an opportunity for businesses who are looking to reach and connect with their audience or diversify their communications.

  • Is there any clear-cut things businesses can do to stay in front of their audience?

With more and more people online one thing does stand out. To reach and connect or engage with your audience you will need to consider using digital as a channel. We’ve been operating in this space for years and it is our sole focus. We know how to help businesses leverage and maximise their opportunities through digital and have changed our business model to make it even more accessible.

  • How is ZOOLOGIC adapting to make through these uncertain times?

To lift the weight off businesses needing to transition to engage with their audiences via digital media, ZOOLOGIC is currently offering most services free of charge including strategic creative development and the production of digital media assets to ensure they get in front of their target as economically as possible. In return, their commitment to investment in digital media with ZOOLOGIC helps us also; it’s a way we can support and rally business to business during these unique economic times.

If you want to get in touch with ZOOLOGIC to get your digital media efforts underway you can call Matthew Huxley on 0408 867 515 or email him at


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