Kirsty Dusting

Meet Kirsty Dusting, Head of Business Solutions at Itree, a software company that specialises in technology solutions for government, with a focus on safety and regulation compliance and enforcement located at the Innovation Campus.

Kirsty has been working for Itree for 6 years, focussing on technology solutions for business problems. Itree currently has over 100 employees, with the majority of employees based in Wollongong with several other staff located in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Wellington, New Zealand.

Kirsty’s role is about creating alignment amongst teams and ensuring the team feels they have achieved their goals. As a manager, Kirsty is passionate about cultivating an environment where team members feel they can bring an idea to the table and execute and action those ideas.

When asked about whether the company’s mission aligned with her own values Kirsty agreed very much so, particularly with the focus on safety and protecting assets as well as looking at ways to tap into environmental areas also. Safety affects everyone, so just the fact that our roads are safer Kirsty says she is proud to work for a company that helps road safety.

There is a strong social awareness and understanding of the social impacts of the work Itree does, underneath there is this greater good driving the work we do. Itree focuses on outcomes and helping the customer identify what the problem is and then helps to directly solve that problem. So that might mean a slightly different solution or tackling it in a different way, but the outcome you want is to solve the problem.

When asked what she loved most about working in Wollongong Kirsty responded good people and a very appealing lifestyle. Kirsty moved from Canberra because she liked the appeal of the lifestyle and beautiful beaches without city living. She thinks this is something we need to continue to focus on to ensure the area attracts high calibre people who are choosing to live here.

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