Finding a Voice

A flyer, a conversation and some lessons in filmmaking changed the course of Daniel De Filippo’s life.

 From couch to couch, and job to job, Daniel De Filippo wasn’t your typical 18-year-old. Always on the move, he’d often sleep where he fell, never knowing what the next day would bring. A fast food outlet one week, a hospitality business the next, he’d long forgotten about working for money – he was working to try to improve his chances of making it onto the housing list.

At this stage in his life, his education revolved around learning street awareness. He did what he could for money or shelter, and most importantly he needed to look out for himself.

That was until one day a flyer on the notice board of his local community centre caught his attention. It advertised a Certificate IV in Live Production Theatre and Effects at ITeC and, in hindsight, that piece of paper would signify a way out. It would provide a lifeline, which Daniel clung to in order to pull himself from the cycle of homelessness.

Seven years on, Daniel received another piece of paper – this time a certificate for his Bachelor of Digital Media from the University of Wollongong.

 Read more about Daniel’s journey at UOW The Stand.

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