Prof Astell-Burt engages greenspace industries on “The Plant Pod” podcast.

PowerLab Director Prof Thomas Astell-Burt featured on “The Plant Pod” podcast on 18 June 2020. The Plant Pod podcast is supported by Hort Innovation Ltd and the Australian Government, for Australia’s horticulture, nursery and garden industries and communities. It’s hosted by Greenlife Industry Australia and Cox Inall Communications.

Thomas was invited on to chat about some of the latest findings from the Hort Frontiers Green Cities funded ‘Greener Cities, Healthier Lives’ project he is leading at UOW, including three new published papers (links below) on sleep, pregnancy outcomes and child and adolescent prosocial behaviour – the latter two being led by PhD students supported by this project (well done Selin Akaraci and Edi Putra!).

Listen to “The Plant Pod” podcast via the Soundcloud link below. Thomas’ interview runs 1.05 – 15.42:

The research findings have resulted in these recent journal publications;

Green space, trees and sleep:
Green space and birth outcomes:
Green space and child and adolescent prosocial behaviour:


Further information Link:

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