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Resident profile: Enware

For Enware, an established Sydney-based manufacturer and marketer of plumbing and personal safety equipment, coming to iAccelerate was not about starting up – it was about intrapreneurship, and developing a new idea in a space where innovation could thrive.

“Part of the journey for Enware was for us to start thinking like a startup – stepping out of our usual mindset, taking risks and developing things we could test quickly,” explains Jason Hinds, Enware’s Research and Development Manager.

Enware’s primary focus is on plumbing products for the healthcare industry, and co-location at the Innovation Campus and access to iAccelerate’s networks have sparked collaboration opportunities offering significant competitive advantage. The company is working with the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute on a new material that reduces the risk of bacterial growth in plumbing systems, and with UOW’s School of Environmental Engineering to explore the microbiology elements of stagnation and bacterial growth. 

“I think we would have struggled to make those connections if we weren’t iAccelerate residents,” he says. “We’re now exploring four research projects within the University that allow us to broaden our knowledge base to enhance our business.”

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