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    A house for all

    A people-focused approach to building design will lead to better quality of care for people living with dementia.

    Getting up to go to the toilet at night and fumbling your way to the light switch, bumping into walls and door frames, might seem like an ordeal for most people. But imagine for a moment feeling constantly lost and confused in broad daylight.

    Fear turns to panic when an otherwise normally functioning brain robs a person with dementia of their short-term memory and other cognitive abilities.And what if you could change that by removing the obstacles in the way of decent quality of life for vulnerable elderly people?

    A group of UOW researchers proposes to rethink how we design and build homes to improve quality of life for people as they age and address specific needs of people living with dementia.

    Read more about UOW’s Dementia research at UOW The Stand. 

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