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Desert Rose

For people living with dementia, traditional housing designs simply don’t work. Desert Rose, a state-of-the-art home designed with the changing needs of ageing people in mind, takes a people-focused approach to building design to develop a ‘house for life’.

Named after an iconic flower that thrives in challenging environments, Desert Rose celebrates the varied capabilities of its future occupants. The net-zero energy home features a range of dementia-friendly design elements, including:

  • Line of sight to key facilities such as toilets
  • Accessibility for people with limited mobility
  • Strong points to accommodate railings and hoists, and
  • Non-intrusive sensor technologies with a range of uses, from triggering night lights to recognising if an occupant has fallen.

The team aims to inspire the building industry globally by demonstrating that houses that meet the changing needs of ageing populations can also be stylish, comfortable, affordable and sustainable.

Currently in the design phase ahead of commencing building later this year, Team UOW are working towards taking Desert Rose to the finals of the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 in November next year.


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