We believe in supporting organisations, individuals and our region to realise their purpose and ambitions faster by connecting to an ideas network dedicated to global impacts.


The Innovation Campus is a 33 hectare greenfield site that lies adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in North Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.

We have designed a master-planned Campus community that will create a world-class environment dedicated to building an ideas ecosystem for individuals, organisations and our region to realise their purpose and ambitions. It is a place for knowledge sharing, collaboration and connection between academia and industry.

We are dedicated to delivering this masterplan in a way that will allow us to engage with, and support, business and industry to achieve their goals whilst also driving our research, teaching and community agenda.

Since the masterplan was approved in 2003 and the first sod turned in 2006, we have and will continue to develop buildings that are designed to help participants create networks and interact. There is no boundary between academia and industry; we want to provide the most conducive environment for collaboration and connection that is unprecedented in the world.

The facilities are stylish, modern and environmentally-friendly and all located on a pedestrian spine leading to the interactive hub of The Central. The environment is green and open providing many spaces to gather, connect and create.

And while the approved master-plan sets design and construction criteria such as site uses, maximum building heights, gross floor areas, setbacks, building character and appearance, landscaping and environmental design; it is our research intensive, world-class University that drives site activity through our passion to make a difference locally and globally.

View a copy of the Innovation Campus master plan.

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Realise your purpose and ambitions faster by connecting to our ideas network